Meet Coach Nate

I started coaching a few friends  and classmates in 2014 while I studied Exercise Science and Sports Medicine and Playing College Baseball at Minnesota State.  Ever since I Graduated in 2015 I have been working as a professional strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer.  

My Philosophy is simple.  It is my job to meet my clients where they are and challenge them there.  Thinking of exercise as a dose of a medication.  The dose must be potent enough to make the body adapt, but not so high of a dose that the side effects become a bigger issue.  

I want to help you make the most of the valuable time and energy you spend on your fitness.

More About Nate

Sometimes people can perceive fitness coaches and personal trainers as robots or people who don’t really exist outside of the gym (to be fair there are some individuals that fit this description). But that is not me.  Outside of the gym and my professional life, I guess you could call me a family man as most of my time and energy is spent with my family.  My lovely wife Brit, my son Maddax (Dax for short) and our pup Harper make me feel pretty lucky, which is probably why I tend to be a homebody and will usually choose making dinner at home over going out to eat (we make good food).  I’m terrible at Golf but I will get around to practicing more, I like video games even though I don’t have time to play them, I like audio books and one of my favorite things is a slow un-rushed morning with a big breakfast.